Sunday, September 29, 2013


THE ENERGY ENHANCEMENT MEDITATION COURSE - LEVEL TWO ILLUMINATION, ENLIGHTENMENT THE REMOVAL OF ENERGY BLOCKAGES - REMOVE ENTITIES AND IMPLANTS WITH ADVANCED ENERGY BLOCKAGE ABUSTING TECHNIQUES - THE ENERGY ENHANCEMENT SEVEN STEP PROCESS "You Know, Removing all your Energy Blockages is a Really Good Thing" - Satchidanand LEVEL TWO OF ENERGY ENHANCEMENT AND THE REMOVAL OF BLOCKAGES - ENERGY BLOCKAGES, ENTITIES, IMPLANTS AND NAFS - WHAT ARE THEY, WHY ARE THEY FORMED, AND HOW TO REMOVE ENERGY BLOCKAGES AND IMPLANTS BY THE ENERGY ENHANCEMENT SEVEN STEP PROCESS The Karma Clearing Process of Energy Enhancement Meditation Starts with the Seven Step Processes of Level Two including the Kundalini Kriyas + Alchemy If you are tired of all the many systems of meditation which leave questions unanswered and where the path to enlightenment is ill defined and uncertain then don’t delay end the suffering as soon as possible – learn Energy Enhancement. Jean, FROM THE SEPTEMBER 2005 ENERGY ENHAN

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